20 Tips before you invest in Proof-of-Stake Masternodes

High ROI

  • Does the ROI sound to good to be true? Than it probably is a scam!
  • Don’t rely on Masternodes.Online, but do research into the project!
  • Never invest in a project based on ROI alone
  • If a project is promoting itself based on its ROI, you should be very careful!

Reward structure

  • Are most of the rewards given out very early in the life cycle? Scam!


  • If the pre-mine is too big, it’s a scam!
  • Keep an eye on the pre-mine project address, as soon as large sums of coins start moving be sure to track them. When they hit an exchange, start worrying!


  • Does the project serve an utility purpose? No? Then it’s a scam!
  • Are other teams already working on the same problem? Forget about this one!
  • Does the project promise you the world and more? Too ambitious.
  • If a coin has no purpose besides staking, privacy payments and instant transactions, it serves no added purpose. Avoid!


  • Is the team anonymous? Be careful!
  • Does the team hardly communicate? Scam!
  • Is the team very actively promoting the sale of masternodes? Be warned, likely that this is a scam!
  • The project needs a website!


  • Whitepaper needs to be well written. If it’s full of grammar mistakes, avoid it!
  • The whitepaper needs to about the project and nothing else.
  • If there is no whitepaper, well… why not play Russian roulette, shall we?


  • Does the team actively work on the project, and can you see that work on Github or another project management website? Interesting!
  • No activity on Github? Be warned, likely a scam!

Social media

  • Do they have social media channels that became inactive? Avoid!
  • Are their social media channels ONLY used for shameless self promotion? be careful!



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