This week: Gala Games, Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, F1 Delta Time and more!

This has been a big week for the blockchain industry and Play to Earn. Not only did we announce the first sponsor for our upcoming event, we’ve also announced when the second Play to Earn Game Festival will take place. At the same time the blockchain space is seeing tremendous growth, from bitcoin reaching a valuation of $50.000 to NBA Top Shot appealing to mainstream users. At the same CryptoPunks keeps pumping in value, as we saw a new record sale this week. Did you know that the popularity of the word NFT reached its highest points ever on Google…

Counter-Strike, Microsoft, Lindsay Lohan, Atari, the NBA & more!

This has been another mind blowing week in the world of blockchain and NFTs. We’ve seen a record NFT transaction with a total value of more than 1.5 million dollars. At the same time several celebrities have entered the space, including Mesut Özil and Lindsay Lohan. Microsoft jumped into the NFT space together with Enjin, while a very cool third-party plugin launched that allows players to earn (or lose) bitcoin while playing Counter-Strike. So much developments this week, it’s unbelievable to imagine that this revolution of digital ownership and user empowerment is just getting started. 😎 — Robert Hoogendoorn

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420 ETH for an NFT that was acquired for less than 1% of that

The Ethereum blockchain and its DeFi services are so popular, that gas fees are often more than $100. I’ve even seen gas fees for complicated transactions that were more than 1 ETH. The cry for layer-2 solutions is definitely getting louder, even though it’s good to see that decentralized infrastructures are gaining traction. In the world of gaming Axie Infinity launched their sidechain solution, solving the Ethereum problem. At the same time the digital art / collectible project Hashmasks made headlines with unprecedented amounts of NFT trading. So much action happening in the NFT space, good thing you’re subscribed. …

Atari, Decentraland, Matic Network, Neon District, CryptoPunks, Mirandus & much more!

The blockchain space has had the spotlights on it for the past week. This had everything to do with Reddit, Gamestop, WallStreetBets and Robinhood. I bet many people will see that crypto trading and blockchain technology is much more honest than stock trading. Anyway, about NFTs… WOW! What a crazy week. Cryptopunks making big moves again, and then a — possibly — new NFT sales record for Gala Games and their upcoming online game Mirandus. Atari is also showing how serious they are with blockchain gaming, while layer-2 solutions are proving their value in the gaming space. — Robert Hoogendoorn

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Online virtual casinos, community-owned game banks & Rick *burp* and Morty!

🚀 NFT Market When Moon? 🚀

The Ethereum blockchain market is still a bit crippled because of those incredible high gas fees. As long as this isn’t solved on Ethereum, we’ll see an exodus to other blockchains or Layer-2 solutions. Aavegotchi is now migrating to Matic, Gods Unchained and Axie Infinity will soon launch their own sidechains. Yet still, last year we’ve seen some growth in gaming, even though DeFi actually stole the spotlight. This year so far has been all about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and community governance. In the past week we’ve seen some major sales for digital art and game assets, something with virtual…

The Sandbox, Crypto Art, Alien Worlds, The Six Dragons & lot more news!

🎁It’s all about the NFT 🎁

Where the DeFi Summer had many investors staking their tokens for food-related earnings, we’re now seeing an increased interest surrounding non-fungible tokens. These digital assets on the blockchain can be earned by staking tokens, or they are sold in bundles by token curators with passionate communities. Other projects are adding interoperability for NFTs between different applications, or allow users to upgrade their NFTs by burning lesser ones. In my opinion NFTs are very exciting tools that will enhance and create all kinds of experiences in this digital and virtual landscape. These are exciting times as our community is growing! …

$800.000 for one NFT, from Ethereum to Matic, NBA Top Shot in a flow


With bitcoin almost hitting a value of $40.000 we can definitely say the blockchain market is on fire. This is good in terms of value, but it’s actually really problematic in terms of network congestion on the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees are crazy high. However, there are still records being set with the sales of digital collectibles and crypto art. At the same time we’re seeing other projects moving away from Ethereum and embracing layer-2 solutions, which offer faster and much cheaper transactions. As a result other blockchains like Wax and Flow can now have their moment in the spotlight…

The best wishes for 2021 and may we all learn and master true play-to-earn!


I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but nonetheless I’m bullish on the blockchain gaming space and the Play to Earn Online Magazine as an editorial platform. Like last year I will keep working hard to bring you guys the industry coverage you deserve. There will be more game festivals, more news, more crypto art, more incentives, more collectibles, and exactly the same amount of weekly newsletters. And I couldn’t be more happy to announce the first monthly newsletter sponsor for this year: Our frens from Aavegotchi! So let’s make this a better year for all of us! Bless you…

This week also major news about The Sandbox and Axie Infinity!

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🎄 Merry Christmas! 🎄

You’re now reading the last newsletter of 2020. One week from now it’s 2021. We can all agree that this year has been a year to never forget, as our physical world was shackled by government restrictions and a fast spreading virus, our virtual world blossomed. This has been a year with the biggest NFT sales ever, an all-time high for Bitcoin, and new bull market for the crypto industry as a whole, the establishment of DeFi, the boom for crypto art, and between all of that blockchain gaming kept growing. Have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy…

NFT Staking coming to WAX, Aavegotchi launching product and Ultra getting ready!

This has been a week with many announcements about new, upcoming products and product launches. A new NFT staking product is launching on the WAX blockchain, there’s a Bratz fashion dolls game coming next year, and visual artist Beeple sold for many million of dollars through Niftygateway. With the crypto industry riding a bullish wave, I’m very excited about 2021. Enjoy this week’s newsletter! Robert Hoogendoorn

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This month F1 Delta Time by Animoca Brands is sponsoring the Play to Earn Newsletter! Thanks to them we can keep doing what we’re doing with even more dedication. F1 Delta Time is…

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