BAYC Otherside hype, Sandbox activity & the Axie drop

Robert Hoogendoorn
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What a positive week it has been as we welcomed Blur NFT marketplace, saw ETH and BTC pump in value, and new games have hit the market. Yes, there are a bunch of exciting new games to play, test and dive into. This week DappRadar has published various cool articles:

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🚨 About the Axie Infinity drop

Blockchain data reveals that Axie Infinity unlocked the first batch of 10 million vested tokens to early investors and insiders. A wallet tagged as “Axie Infinity: Token Vesting” transferred 785,334 AXS tokens ($6.6 million) to six recipients. Prior to the unlock, AXS token had already dropped 24% in a week.

At the same time the Axie dapp saw a 18% drop in Unique Active Wallets (UAW). Axie Infinity still has had the biggest weekly trading volume in all blockchain games with more than $9,490,000.

Axie Infinity Origin is a tactical battle game where players control a team of 3 Axie characters. Each character has its own unique abilities, while there are different classes and types available. Team selection and positioning, but also attacking and defending choices are crucial to success.

🎉 Otherside is coming next year

Yuga Labs co-founder Garga.eth (Greg Solano) revealed that the Otherside metaverse beta will go live in 2023. NFT collectors, investors and enthusiasts are warming up again.

When the collection launched in May 2022, the cheapest parcels were selling for 5 ETH. Yet now, the floor price is around 1.5 ETH.

In anticipation of the beta release, it’s exciting seeing traders hyping up. The Otherdeed for Otherside NFT collection has seen an increase in both UAW and transactions, by 247% and 284% respectively in the last 7 days.

Evaluate Otherside land parcels through the DappRadar NFT Explorer. Thanks to our valuation tool the price of expected price of a land parcel is determined on meta data and recent sales, painting the best picture possible for metaverse land barons.

🎁 What are the newest games listed on DappRadar

  1. Road to Dreams — a life management game where you need to live the career of a novice specialist who starts his career from his crappy apartment.
  2. The Next World — a competitive free-to-play shooter that is heavily aimed at esports, and features play-to-earn mechanics.
  3. Swamp Soldiers — a pixelated old-school MMORPG in the style of Ultima Online, but this time it features NFT ownership and earning mechanics.
  4. Dark Throne: The Queen Rises — a fantasy rich hack & slash action RPG tailored for mobile and pc. Buy a character, find items, create weapons and trade them.
  5. The Bitverse — a pixelated gaming hub featuring many different mini-games and genres. Your hero unlocks perks and tracks your progress in each of the games.
The Bitverse (source: DappRadar)

⏰ Game Calendar

Every week we highlight the most interesting gaming projects you need to keep your eyes on. What’s new to play? Which pre-sale is coming up? And which beta test can you join?

  • GRIT — the cowboy battle royale game from Gala Games is now available for a closed beta test. They have regular tests and you can sign up.
  • MetalCoreanother alpha test is coming up this weekend, and for the first time there will be European servers. You will need a MetalCore NFT from OpenSea though.
  • Legends Reborn — the alpha test for this trading card game by Gala Games is now available.
  • Pixels — a multiplayer farming game that will earn drop tokens to players based on their in-game activity. Campaign ends on October 31, with a double XP boost happening this weekend. Check it out.
  • The Sandbox — the alpha is still happening, and this week Rabbitars by Playboy have entered the metaverse. Discover Rabbitars NFTs.
  • Footium — the football / soccer management game will launch its beta on November 3rd. See the player-owned clubs.
GRIT screenshot (2022)

Gaming Dapp Highlights

  • Benji Bananas keeps climbing the DappRadar Rankings as the Animoca Brands backed up game attracted 151,000 UAW during the last 7 days, increasing its on-chain activity by 30% over the same period.
  • Illuvium — collection and auto battler game, currently in a private beta stage, has seen a price rally on renewed retail interest. The ILV coin has been listed on Coinbase 2 weeks ago, but recently saw a price surge. The price is up 30% this week. However, dapp activity is down 11% in the past 7 days. As Illuvium expands its beta program we expect these metrics to grow.
  • Alien Worlds has seen its Unique Active Wallet activity grow 25% after announcing Syndicates, a DAO governance system for each of the six planets. Alien Worlds combines DeFi, DAO and gaming in one package.
  • The mobile MOBA game Thetan Arena has seen its on-chain activity grow 32% in the past 7 days. Activity is mainly driven by the Thetan Arena Halloween campaign.

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