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Time is money


AirTime and money

Current status and my worries

The UEFA Champions League is a copyrighted brand with millions of revenue per year

Strong points

  • Clear vision and utility
  • Already a product on the market that’s still under heavy construction
  • Product fits consumer trends: less commercials, content on-demand
  • Win-win for consumer and producer of content
  • IPFS network is a great way to keep content online despite location based government censorship.
  • Good application of decentralized nature of blockchain technology
  • Monetizing all internet usage

Weak points

  • Consumer confusion seems likely, as their are many products and with it many wallets
  • Copyright protection VS the IPFS network seems problematic
  • Aesthetically the website is quite bad (but that’s just my opinion of course)
  • Content offering is very minimal and could use a quality boost




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Robert Hoogendoorn

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