Care Bears Spreading 80s Magic on the Blockchain — Play to Earn #35

Metamask on mobile, Care Bears partnership, Muse rocking kitties, and sex.crypto selling for big money!

Robert Hoogendoorn
6 min readSep 7, 2020


Wow! What a week it has been. Gas fees on Ethereum have been bananas, and this is hurting the blockchain gaming space. However, all these developers keep working and innovating to make their products even more awesome. This week lots of development updates and partnerships, Metamask launched on mobile, Care Bears spread love in The Sandbox and Muse brought us new collectible Cryptokitties. Then we’re forgetting about the most expensive blockchain domain on the market… sex.crypto! Enough stuff happened, so enjoy our weekly overview and make sure you read all the way to the bottom!

Care Bears Coming to The Sandbox

Gamers who will dive into the virtual world of The Sandbox will also be able to visit a virtual version of the Care-a-Lot Kingdom from the Care Bears. Cloudco Entertainment and The Sandbox signed an agreement to bring attractions, games, buildings and assets based on the 80s cartoon series to the voxelized blockchain game world. ▶▶▶ Read more

Gods Unchained Expansion Launching Next Week

Game studio Immutable has revealed that their Trial of the Gods expansion for Gods Unchained will launch next week on September 10th. This will introduce new gameplay mechanics and a new set of cards to the blockchain-powered trading card game. Trial of the Gods is the first expansion for the card game that launched into open beta in July 2019. ▶▶▶ Read more

Muse Promotes Album Through Cryptokitties

Rock band Muse has partnered with Dapper Labs to bring special cryptokitties to the market inspired by their Simulation Theory multimedia project. There will be two different kitties, and the first one already sold out, while the second version goes on sale soon. Collectors will also be able to breed the second version until September 19th. ▶▶▶ Read more

Crypto Space Commander Officially Launched

Lucid Sight has officially launched Crypto Space Commander on Steam, after the game has been available through Steam Early Access for over a year. At the same time they’ve introduced new content called Expansion Wars, and gamers can join an auction for Star Trek-themed space ships. ▶▶▶ Read more

REVV Token Hitting Market This Friday

Animoca Brands will open up trading on the Uniswap market for its cross-game REVV token on Friday September 4th. Trading will start with an initial price of $0.00666, according to Cointelegraph. REVV is a game token that players need to compete, but also earn by owning content. It powers the racing game F1 Delta Time and an upcoming MotoGP game. ▶▶▶ Read more

MakerDAO Integrated into Nine Chronicles

Game studio Planetarium has partnered with stablecoin project MakerDAO to integrate DAI into their blockchain game Nine Chronicles. Gamers will soon be able to use the dollar-pegged DAI stablecoin to do in-game purchases in the blockchain-powered role playing game. They can already use the token for the pre-sale that starts on September 2nd. ▶▶▶ Read more

75% of Nine Chronicles Gamers Mined Crypto

More than 75 percent of the players of Nine Chronicles participated in crypto mining. They generated a total of 1.7 million NCG during the closed beta phase.In total 226 players from around the globe played the closed beta of the blockchain-powered role playing game Nine Chronicles. ▶▶▶ Read more

ETH Fighter Enters The Ring With Character Pre-Sale

ETH Fighter is an upcoming fighting game that just recently made its characters available through a pre-sale. Through the official shop gamers can buy crates with different rarities, which will give them a random character based on the acquired crate. In addition there’s already a small secondary market on Opensea as well. ▶▶▶ Read more

Ethereum Projects Need to Look for Alternatives

Any project that’s building its infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain needs to be looking for alternatives. That’s the reason why digital asset platform Mintbase is embracing Near Protocol. Gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain are troublesome for projects that require many small value transfers. Developers need to be looking at Matic, Near, Flow, Polkadot and other alternatives to Ethereum. ▶▶▶ Read more

Sex.crypto Most Expensive NFT On Secondary Market

Someone bought the blockchain domain name sex.crypto on the secondary market for 230 ETH, making it the most expensive traded NFT of all time. The domain cost 90 thousand dollars at the time of the trade. According to the Opensea marketplace the trade was the most expensive peer-to-peer exchange on the secondary market for a non-fungible token ever. ▶▶▶ Read more

Metamask Launches On iOS and Android Devices

Cryptocurrency wallet and web 3.0-service Metamask has launched today on iOS and Android devices. It’s the long awaited arrival of the app, which has been in a closed beta test since December last year. Consensys announced the availability of Metamask on mobile devices, so everybody can use their favorite Web 3.0 wallet right now. ▶▶▶ Read more

Next Sale for The Sandbox Happening September 15th

The next land sale for the virtual world of The Sandbox starts on Tuesday September 15th and will introduce game assets Care Bears. It will be the first time that buyers will need SAND to purchase virtual land. Aside from the land sale players can also buy the branded Care Bears assets separately. ▶▶▶ Register now

What are Non-Fungible Tokens?

On Play to Earn we often mention non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Sometimes we refer to them as digital assets or digital collectibles. But what is this technology? And why is it so special? ▶▶▶ Learn more

Play to Earn Game Festival is Coming

You heard it first here in this newsletter. (hidden at the bottom, to make it ever more exclusive) I guess these are some of the extra perks coming with the subscription. 😉 Play to Earn is working on setting up a game festival to celebrate blockchain gaming. We’ve found a small venue. It’s an old, kinda shitty, arcade hall. But I think we can make it into something awesome, that gives some nice exposure to game creators and provides awesome news and goodies to visitors! You’re free to check out the venue. Please wear a mask, there’s mold. And be careful, because the arcade is not in a great condition. More details about the Play to Earn Game Festival will be provided later this month. ▶▶▶ Take a look



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