Cryptic Legends Pre-Sale Has Started

Robert Hoogendoorn
2 min readAug 3, 2020

While everybody was eyeing the price of Ether, Gorotas Game Studio has launched the pre-sale for their collectible trading card game Cryptic Legends this weekend. Players can now buy hero packs for 3.99 EUR or an XL version containing five heroes for 5.99 EUR. All pack buyers become part of the Founders program.

The packs contain hero cards of various rarity, and those can come from three different cultures from Bronze Age civilizations. Players are also free to boost the powers of their heroes by equipping items, legendary talents and different skills. Players will be able to do this as often as they want. The Founders program gives players access go special in-game rewards.

Players need to assemble a team of heroes, and send them on missions. The turn based battles between players take place automatically. Gamers can try the game through Apple Testflight and Google Play Early Access.

Running on Aeternity

Most trading card games run on the Ethereum blockchain, with Splinterlands being an exception as it uses Hive. Cryptic Legends is using the Aethernity blockchain. All cards are stored on the blockchain, giving players ownership over their own assets.

Aeternity is a rather small blockchain. In terms of market cap it just fall outside the top 100 blockchains according to Coinmarketcap. The organization behind the blockchain has been formed in 2016, while the mainnet has been live since 2018. The platform positions itself as a scalable and secure blockchain for decentralized applications. It uses sharding as its main proposition for scaling.

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