Gods Unchained mythic card sold in $31.000 auction

Robert Hoogendoorn
2 min readDec 6, 2019

For the first time since Gods Unchained launched its marketplace a player sold a mythic card in an auction. The one-of-a-kind card Atlas was sold for 210 ETH, which equals 31 thousand dollars. This immediately puts the card among the most expensive trading cards of all time.

Atlas was obtained by the seller from a raffle organized by Immutable. The card was handed out in October. Less than two months later the original owner sold the card to an anonymous collector. The new owner has been hoarding rare cards from Gods Unchained. Before spending 31 thousand dollars on Atlas, he had already spend around 14 thousand dollars on a variety of cards.

The amount of money circulating in Gods Unchained underlines the growth of the market for blockchain games. More people are spending time with blockchain-powered games on either desktops or mobile devices. At the same time blockchain companies are working hard to make the boarding process easier than ever before.

Most expensive tradings cards of all time

The list with most expensive trading cards is dominated with baseball cards. In 2016 an one hundred year old baseball card was sold for 3.2 million dollars, while a rookie card of a MLB legend sold for 2.88 million in 2018.

When we talk about cards for trading card games, we need to mention Tournament Black Luster Soldier from Yu-gi-oh! ($2 million), Pokémon Illustrator from the Pokémon TCG ($195 thousand) and of course the Alpha Black Lotus from Magic: The Gathering ($87.000).

Even though Atlas has been the biggest sale so far on the Gods Unchained marketplace, it’s not considered the most valuable card. Last year a mythic card called Hyperion was sold for 60 thousand dollars, which was 143 ETH was at the time. Hyperion, Tethys and Prometheus are the mythic cards that are still with their original owners.

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