New Garbage Pail Kids Collection Next Week

Trading card company Topps is launching a second collection of Garbage Pail Kids collectible trading cards on the Wax blockchain. The card packs will go up for sale on July 8th on the official website. A teaser image stated that ‘GPK goes exotic’, which is a 2020 collection.

The Garbage Pail Kids Gone Exotic collection is all about tigers. In the images these fur balls are either a victim or compagnon in the action. The series is clearly inspired by the Tiger King series from Netflix, which features a person named Joe Exotic.

In May the two companies launched their collaboration with the sale of 110 thousand cards in packs of five. It only took 28 hours to sell them all. A complete set of Series 1 has 254 cards. Each set has 82 common cards, 82 uncommon ones, 82 sketch cards and 8 super rares. For your info, each image comes in two variations as well, each with a different name.

These cards are digital versions of the cards that were first released physically 35 years ago. Alongside rarer versions of these cards have added animations, utilizing the digital aspects of the medium. However, the standard cards aren’t animated.

Increased value benefits Topps

The cheapest cards can now be bought for 54 WAX, which equals approximately 2 dollars. Two months ago the lowest price was still 30 WAX. The most expensive cards are listed for tens of thousands of WAX. However, when we’re talking about sales it’s a different story. In the first three days of July alone there have been over one hundred trades on the Wax Simple Market.

Peer-to-peer trading is interesting for Topps, because for every trade they get an 8 percent fee. Only this month so far the company received 1389 WAX, which equals a little over 75 dollars. Sure, this is just a symbolic number for a company of their size. But this is money from secondary market trades. They’ve never ever made money from secondary sales in their 80 years of existence.

Not the first, but the first public

Topps isn’t the first collectible card company to move their product into the digital realm. Panini has been selling digital cards since December 2019. However, their product is allegedly working on a private blockchain, and not a public one like Wax, Tron or Ethereum.

Proven authenticity and rarity are strong reasons for blockchain-powered digital collectibles to thrive. We all have smartphones and take pride in certain digital products. Take for example photos or video games, which both are products that are becoming less physical and more digital. Therefore it makes sense that collectibles also become digital.

Originally published at NEDEROB / Play to Earn.




Content Creator & Optimization Expert. Learning about blockchain every day, sharing my knowledge and passion. Head of Content at DappRadar

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Robert Hoogendoorn

Robert Hoogendoorn

Content Creator & Optimization Expert. Learning about blockchain every day, sharing my knowledge and passion. Head of Content at DappRadar

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