Review | LockTrip (LOC)

  1. LockTrip — 115.82 EUR (159.98 LOC)
  2. — 172 EUR (excl. taxes / charges)
  3. — 163.51 EUR (incl. taxes / charges)
  4. — 172 EUR (incl. taxes / charges)

Strong points

  • Ambitious company with lots of room for growth in a very established industry
  • Provides a financial benefit for consumers, which generally is the best benefit we can get.
  • Staking mechanism to earn LOC rewards will be introduced soon.
  • Serious development progress in 2018, and more new developments expected in 2019 (including flight tickets!)

Weak points

  • If I have to name one thing… Success of a platform stands or falls with marketing. They’ve done an airdrop and some other activities, but nothing caught my eye. I bumped into this product by accident. I’d say marketing has been one of their weakest links so far, but they got the excellent discount on their side and word-by-mouth will do well.


★★★★★ (5/5)



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Robert Hoogendoorn

Robert Hoogendoorn


Metaverse citizen, Web3 enthusiast, NFT collector. Learning about blockchain every day, sharing my knowledge and passion. Head of Content at DappRadar