Spells of Genesis coming to Ethereum

Robert Hoogendoorn
3 min readDec 23, 2019

Blockchain gaming pioneer Spells of Genesis is moving forward by announcing compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain. This way the mobile action puzzle card game is becoming a multi-chain blockchain game. Game studio EverdreamSoft announced the development on its own blog.

The first Ethereum-based cards for Spells of Genesis will be minted in January 2020. The developer will activate smart contracts one month later, enabling gameplay using the Ethereum-based cards. In March the company will host a major sale of new cards on the Ethereum blockchain.

EverdreamSoft wants to create a bigger community by embracing those who like games on Ethereum. The sale will help the studio fund further development of its game and gaming platform Crystal Suite. They also teased possible collaborations with other gaming projects, which could potentially be the incorporation of multi-game assets.

Spells of Genesis is one of the first blockchain-powered games on the market. It launched in 2014 and allows players to mint digital cards as soon as these cards reach a certain in-game level. Nowadays most blockchain games work on blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, Tron or WAX. However, the original Spells of Genesis worked on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Why cards in Spells of Genesis?

In Spells of Genesis players get to select a number of cards before each game. Each of these cards comes with certain powers. Moving from left to right each card gets a turn. On a turn players get to shoot a ball in an effort to destroy obstacles. Depending on the active card, a certain power is used. For example, fire balls can damage multiple targets while shield provides protection against incoming damage.

Amidst the player turns, hostiles also get to attack. They attack individual cards, which can lead to the infamous ‘game over’ message. Certain player cards work well against certain combinations of enemy powers. That’s why gamers need to obtain a variety of cards at the highest level possible.

Spells of Genesis almost left for dead

The announcement of Spells of Genesis coming to Ethereum comes somewhat as a surprise. In February EverdreamSoft announced it would halt the development of the action puzzle card game. The game didn’t get the traction investors were expecting, and therefore funding was halted. Instead the gaming would focus on its own gaming platform Crystal Suite, which can be incorporated into other games.

Crystal Suite has now become the reason for renew their focus on Spells of Genesis. The software has a focus on multi-chain compatibility, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Klaytn. Using existing and working software to test and launch new software is the easiest way to get products on the market.

Download Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is only available as a mobile game. Players can download it for free on iOS and Android. The Casa Wallet app functions as a visual logbook of all player-owned cards.

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